Tuesday, October 7, 2014

City of the Truffle!!

I have visited a famous city in Toscany

during my stay of Italy

It is situato between Pisa and Florence

and the name is San Miniato

I think some of you are already know

how this small city is famous


This is famous about the Truffle!!

This is it!!

This is famous Truffle

which is looks like only kind of a stone

You can only taste fresh one this season of the year

If you want to try it

you can go to this restaurant

Antico Ristoro Le Colombaie ←this is a link

This is soooo nice! potato pure with egg and Truffle..

This is a fantasy!! Ravioli with Truffle..

Chef Daniele said
I only use FRESH ONE
not a truffle oil etc..

as he said this
and he knows about the Truffle so well
taste are extremely nice

Hope you have a chance to try them!

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