Sunday, March 20, 2016

Italian style Soumen

Also this year it arrived a time for creative challenge.
I dedicate for a moment to cook something new with spice of Italy and Japan which countries gives special meaning to me.
I am so happy to participate this contest which made by Mediterranea Belfiore every year. This years challenge is POMODORO e PASTA 2.0

I have got an idea of what I can make, after I have heard rules of this years contest where you can only use minimum ingredients, the tomato and the pasta are protagonists of the dish.
Do you know what is the Soume which is in the title of this recipe??
The Soumen is one type of Japanese noodle which is really thin more that the Cappellini pasta(angel hair) and is dish of the summer time.

Well this is a photo. The soumen is simple dish which you need a sauce based with the soy sauce and the soumen noodle. I normal put some ingredients on top of it as like hum, boiled chicken, boiled shrimp and also vegetables. Then special tip is adding some spices like ginger and spring onion.

I remember I cooked it for my Italian friends during summer time using an angel hair pasta. Then in the end I could only see empty dishes every time I made it.

Italian style Soumen (for 2)

for sauce

200cc of water
50cc of soy sauce
50cc of sake
one table spoon of sugar
half package of Japanese soup stock
(if you want to make your own soup stock, I will mention it in the end)
100cc di Passata di Pomodoro Belfiore(Tomato past)

about 160g of angel hari pasta

for toppings

Nori seaweed, ginger, spring onion

Then I put some carpers of Belfiore.

Put all ingredients for the sauce in a saucepan.
Boiled it for about 5 mints to reduce acidity of the tomato.
Then put the sauce in fridge to make it cold.

Cut the Nori with scissors.
Peel ginger and cut it by grinder.
Cut spring onion.
Put carpers in water for a while.

Boil the pasta but do not put any salt in the water.
Drain the pasta in a drainer, then put them in cold water.
Then drain it again.

This is how to make your own soup stock instead of using instant one.
These are ingredients of it.
↑                    ↑
Katuobushi(Dried bonita)            Konbu seaweed

You can use 200cc of water of the recipe below to make this soup stock instead of using instant soup stock. This is how to make it....
Wash the Kombu e put it in one sauce pan with water, leave it for one hour during winter and 20 minuets for summer.
Put the saucepan to medium heat, take out the  kombu before the water start to boil. Turn off the heat and add Katsuobushi, leave them for few minuits. Strain the soup stock.
You only need small quantity of both Kombu e Katsuobushi to make 200cc of soup stock. Then using this, you can make sauce above.

Now you can simply put all of them on to dish and taste it.....
Buon appetito!! 

I thank you for Mediterranea Belfiore who gave me oppotunity to particitate your contest also this year, with love from Tokyo.